March 2020

March 9, 2020

To Help you Pray this month for your Local Mosque Community.

On Sunday, March 22, 2020 Muslims around the world including those in Canada will celebrate ‘Isra Mi’raj’ commemorating the two parts of the Night Journey that Mohammed is reported to have taken around the year 621. First, ‘Isra’ refers to the travel that the prophet took that night on the back of a winged mule-like white beast from Mecca to ‘the Farthest Mosque’, regarded traditionally as the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. There he is said to have led other prophets in prayer. Subsequently, he was translated into the heavens, referred to as the ‘Mi’raj’.  Led by the angel Gabriel, he ascended into seven levels of heaven with a different prophet greeting him at each level. After having met Abraham as the last prophet, he meets Allah himself. It was at this moment that Mohammed is believed to have received the instructions to command his followers to pray five times a day.

To celebrate this event this month worshippers will gather into mosques and perform prayer and supplication. Some Muslims will offer optional prayers during this night, and in some Muslim countries, will illuminate cities with electric lights and candles.

With this celebration in mind, let’s:

  • Pray that Muslims in your community will develop a deep desire to know God.
  • Pray that God will start them on a journey to know the truth of God’s good news of salvation through Jesus (Isa).
  • Pray that they will be open to learn from the Biblical accounts of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, John the Baptist and others that they respect as prophets of Allah. Pray that this openness will lead them to respond positively to Jesus and His teaching.
  • Pray that the believers living in your community will exhibit grace, love, and boldness in witnessing to the Lordship of Jesus before their Muslim neighbors and work associates.
  • Pray that God would speak to Muslims in your community during this month and especially around the time of the celebration of the ‘Night Journey’, using visions, dreams, His Word, and Christians.
  • Pray that God would give them a desire to want to have assurance of their future with God.


About Loving Muslims Together

Loving Muslims Together exists because God’s love, demonstrated through Jesus Christ, is for Muslims. We function as local networks across Canada. We work to connect people and churches to opportunities, training and resources to help them build bridges to their Muslim neighbours, living out God’s love in word and deed.

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